Providing Higher Risk Adjusted Returns to Investors

Reigo is a real estate technology company reshaping the short-term real-estate debt market through the development of a proprietary technology suite including advanced machine learning technologies and big data analytics.

For Lenders

  • Fast analysis (in minutes) on loan’s risk
  • Close more deals
  • Expand geographically
  • Get industry leader rating
  • Benchmarking to hard money similar loans

For Asset Managers

  • Lowering risk
  • Enabling true diversification
  • Reduce underwriting time
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Benchmarking to hard money similar loans
  • Rating for lenders

For Investors

Managing fund's power by Reigo technology, outperforming the market. Providing end-to-end asset management solution.

Improve performance, reduce defaults, and reduce underwriting time dramatically.

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