Optimal Risk-Adjusted Return for Real Estate Debt

Reigo Investments is a technology company reshaping the real estate investment space. Focusing on the senior hard money lending US market, the company employs data science to improve performance, reduce defaults, and reduce underwriting time dramatically.

Reigo Vulnerability Index™

In the US short term real estate debt market, where investment decisions continue to be made without using data science - Reigo is the leading AI-powered asset manager providing the optimal proven empiric results.

Our solutions

Outperforming Common Performance Benchmarks Using AI

We use machine learning and new big data technologies to analyze a multitude of data sources in order to find, score and select the best loans available, providing better risk-adjusted returns to investors.

The Technology

We Use Data Science to:

Reduce defaults

9% 2%

Reduce underwriting time

Days Hours

Increase model update frequency

Infrequent Weekly Basis

Increase Geo diversification

Local National
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