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We use machine learning and new big data technologies to analyze a multitude of data sources in order to find, score and select the best loans available, providing better risk-adjusted returns to investors.

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Data Acquisition Specialist


As a data acquisition specialist, you will be responsible for seeking and finding new and relevant data to assist the growth and development of our machine learning based product.

This role will work with cross functional leaders from Engineering, Product, Underwriting and Business Development teams.

Examples for the work you will do:

  • Work with the Product Managers to understand and identify the needs of a new data
  • Research and identify alternate data sources, from public and partner sources to support our new products development
  • Work closely with our real estate underwriting team to ensure the quality of the acquired information
  • Efficiently onboard existing and new data sources
  • Collaborate with data engineering team for onboarding new data
  • Proactively manage existing data licensing agreements and maintain relationships and directly interface with third party data providers to onboard and update content successfully

Experience, Skills and Other Desirable Attributes

  • 3-5 years of experience as data manager/ acquisition
  • Deep understanding of US real estate world and terminology
  • Familiarity with Data bases
  • Strong excel and SQL skills
  • Accountable, self-motivated, detail-oriented, outstanding communicator, and are quick to learn new technologies/concepts




Real estate analyst

Reigo is looking for a full time professional, passionate and motivated real estate analyst (based in Israel) to join the core team of a startup that is using data science to reshape the real estate lending market.

• Be part of the underwriting and analysis of new debt investments opportunities team.
• Perform financial analysis of the existing high-yield commercial/Residential mortgage loan .
• Working with the R&D and product team to improve, explore and validate Reigo’s AI-powered underwriting platform.
• Performing market research on data sources to enable better investments models.
• Support efforts of the Real Estate Finance Group

Required Qualifications:
• 2-5 years of experience as analyst in the US real estate debt market. Must. Advantage to the residential debt market and the hard money market.
• Ability to operate independently, in small deal teams, and with a large amount of individual responsibility.
• Entrepreneurial mindset, with a demonstrated willingness to take on tasks across the full range of responsibilities.



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